Day 8

Today marks eight days before the one year anniversary of Like Minded. I am excited that Paul and I decided to take a chance on ourselves. I ask God to use me and I believe this podcast has helped to share His message. It’s humbling to have people tell us we help them; that was the mission when we started this podcast, to see it come to fruition can be overwhelming. The road to get here has been far from easy. There have been many obstacles we have had to overcome to make it to this point. We have had to scrap great episodes due to audio issues, travel to get vocals, and deal with everything life was throwing at us at the same time. There have also been times when I wanted to give up. What has kept me going is knowing this isn’t about me. There are people who need to hear the positivity we speak. We may be the only voice encouraging our listeners. That is a lot of responsibility to take on, but I wouldn’t hesitate to do it for a friend and the listeners are my friends. The essence of my purpose here on Earth is to write and speak. By helping others I am helping myself to walk in my purpose. I couldn’t ask for anything more fulfilling. Thank you for making this year awesome. Thank you for encouraging Paul and I to keep pushing. Thank you for growing with us. Thank you for your support and we look forward to many more years to come.



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